Our Story

Everyone has an Alaska Ever After...you may not know it, but you do too! Whether you're playing in the midnight sun into the morning hours, hiking our breathtaking mountains, fishing in the glacier blue waters, or just sitting back and taking in the moment of an epic sunrise or sunset, that is your very own Alaska Ever After.

I always tell people that I moved to Alaska for love. I know it sounds "cheesy," but it's true! I was a California girl who fell in love with a guy from Kodiak, Alaska! I sold everything I owned, packed what I could in my car, and moved here in 2009. More than a decade later, I can say that not only am I still crazy in love with this guy, but I am also in love with the culture, the people, and the beauty of Alaska because it's like no other!

This is my Alaska Ever After, and this is how it all began...creating an apparel line where people could share their Alaska feels and their personal story of their very own Alaska Ever After. So, now that you know my story, tell me, "What is your Alaska Ever After?"